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I am a fan of nature-based observances/celebrations/holidays and made-up new and potentially silly ones like Pi Day and Discardia. I’ve baked and eaten my pie (half apple, half peach & blueberry to clean out last summer’s fruit from the freezer) and I’m eyeing the big pile o’ crap for what might be pruned during this season’s round of Discardia. And trying to pull together my thesis proposal, although it’s tempting to discard it, too…

I set up a meeting with my thesis committee so I’d have a deadline, but now that the deadline is here (well, a week away), I wish I could take it back. I’ll be glad after the fact but I can’t quite see how I’m going to pull it off from the vantage point of now. What kind of place is outer space? How to we (and who is this “we”, exactly?) imagine it, that is both what do we base our ideas upon, and what do we think it’s like, or will be like, because it’s also often conceptualized as far in the future or far in the past. Outer space isn’t always (or often) imagined or understood to be present the way other places are. Or can be. There are people (humans) orbiting the Earth right now. That shouldn’t be surprising; we (the species) have been in orbit continuously for over a decade. And yet it is remarkable when we take a moment to think about it, to imagine them there. At the same time, on the scale of the universe, orbital space is barely off-planet at all; I’m not sure we should consider that part of outer space. Extraterrestrial yes; in the same category as another galaxy? I’m not convinced that’s a useful way to think about the place. Either place.