seed time again

I don’t know if this will remain my sporadic gardening blog or if geography talk will surface, but I am here again to discuss seeds. It’s much too early to do more than dream, given that there’s currently 6 inches of snow in the balmy Niagara region of Ontario. I do have two small planters (repurposed salad mix containers) of greens growing in the kitchen illuminated by a bare CFL bulb. Lettuces, mesclun, kales, that sort of thing. So far the yield has been about one salad in 2 months. I’ve just planted more seeds and I’m hoping to increase the harvest a little.

I bought several different packages of mixes from Fedco Seeds Coop last summer, which is great for variety but it also means I don’t actually know what I’m growing other than “winter lettuce mix”, “organic greens mix”, and “kale mix”. In another month, I will start seeds indoors from the “heirloom tomato mix” and I don’t know when, late May? plant the “rainbow carrots mix” outside. I don’t think carrots are good candidates for starting inside, but I should confirm that.

I’ve got a stash of egg cartons and toilet paper tubes ready to go as biodegradable seed starting planters. I’ve got more seeds than I can use and too much shade in the back yard to take full advantage of all the space. And I’m making lists of what other seeds to buy: spinach, beans, peas, herbs. I just hope my excitement carries over into implementation this time around. My previous record isn’t all that great.


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